We give clear and honest advice, support and services. 


Good communications is not about smoke and mirrors, nor some mystical holy grail for the chosen few. It’s about finding ways to talk to people and encouraging them to talk to you.


If we think we’re not the right agency for you, we’ll say so. And yes, we have turned down jobs where we thought the fit wasn’t right.


We believe in social justice, the right to be heard and opportunities for all. We don’t do PR around car tyres, dog food or lipstick (although we know people who do and some of them are nice!) because we’re not that interested in those things. 


We can work on a retainer basis, or by project, and of course we do have a sliding scale of rates for the private, public and voluntary sectors.


Equity, diversity and inclusion are the foundations of our business, not decorative add-ons.


Our values, background and experience mean we tend to work in areas such as disability, mental health, social housing, older people, social care, health policy and services and the education sector. If you’re looking for communications support in one of these areas, the chances are we can help.